Dover Beach is free on iTunes (let’s make it free on Amazon)!

In celebration of the failure of the world to end or something, Dover Beach is now free on iTunes.  (The idea is that, if you like Dover Beach, you’ll spend real money on its thrilling sequel, The Distance Beacons.)

You can help make Dover Beach free on Amazon, which will match Apple’s price if we nag it often enough.  The idea is to go down to the place on the Amazon page for Dover Beach where it says “tell us about a lower price” and enter the iTunes URL:

. . . and report that it’s selling there for $0.00.  You can keep doing this if you’re so inclined, and eventually through the miracle of our collective action Amazon will capitulate.  Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Dover Beach is free on iTunes (let’s make it free on Amazon)!

  1. Aw, you’re killing me, man! I just bought it at B&N!

    Oh, very well. It’s been reported. (But you should delete the “?mt=11” part of the link up there.) I would have seconded your tags on the Amazon page, but there aren’t any tags. You need to give it some tags, Then ask us to Agree with them.


    • Somehow Matthew 20:1-16 seems appropriate here. Anyway, since I know your email address, I’ll send you a copy of The Distance Beacons (a $3.99 value, apparently). Unless you already bought that one too . . .


      • Okay, okay. (I looked it up. You telling me you have those scriptural quotations in your head?) I will be content with my lot, and you may do with your free books as you choose. As it happens, I also bought The Distance Beacons, thus using up the last of last Christmas’s B&N gift card. (I hope Santa gives me another one this year!) Haven’t bought Forbidden Sanctuary yet, though.


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