How much would you pay for an e-book?

I’ve got to figure out my pricing before very long.

Seems to me that publishers’ prices for e-books are stupidly high.  Presumably they don’t want to set them so low that they cannibalize their hardcopy sales (and annoy their retailers).  But that’s not a problem I have.

One theory I’ve heard is that buying an e-book is an impulse purchase, and you want to set your price low enough to encourage that sort of irresponsible behavior.  What price would make you act irresponsibly?

(Of course, a price of $0.00 is not unheard of.  That may increase my readership, but it won’t make me wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice.)

2 thoughts on “How much would you pay for an e-book?

  1. Well known, best-selling authors seem to be commanding about $15 per book. Back in the day, Amazon tried to keep the maximum price at $10. That didn’t last long.

    IMHO, lesser known authors probably should sell for no more than $5 per book. Amazon has a daily-deal promotion for books for $.99 to $1.99. Generally lesser known authors.

    So there you have the price range. $0 to $15.


  2. There is going to be some trial and error in this. I’ve met a number of people through Twitter who have books out. Some are $20 – $25 and I doubt they sell many copies.

    At the other end you have the $.99 and $1.99 books that sell a lot better. Unfortunately people are not always willing to part with decent money on a chance. The sample is always a good indicator and I tend to download that first. If I like it I would pay $5 for a book I wanted to finish.

    Good luck with the book.


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