Help me design a cover for Senator!

Senator is next for ebookifying!  So I need to think about the cover.

Unlike Pontiff, Senator has existing covers to ponder.

Here is the hardcover cover, which I don’t much like — but maybe you do!  I think the protagonist’s Irishness is not particularly central to the plot.  (In case this isn’t clear, run-of-the-mill authors have no say in the covers for their books, at least in the standard publishing model.)










Here is the paperback cover.










And here is the cover for the Japanese paperback. I have no idea what the text on the cover says.  The shamrock doesn’t mean anything in Japan, I suppose, nor does the Capitol building, presumably.  A bloody knife — that, they get.  Senator actually sold pretty well in Japan.











So, any suggestions?

1 thought on “Help me design a cover for Senator!

  1. One thing I like about the original hardcover is the way they did the title: big, bold, smack you in the face. SENATOR. No hunting around, like in some ads, to figure out what’s being sold. I’d keep that, if nothing else.


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