Blogs worth reading: Envisioning Future

One of the unexpected advantages of starting a blog is that interesting people stop by.  How they find me, I have no idea.  I thought I’d point them out once in a while.

Here is a blog written by a young woman in Pakistan.  This is from a post on “The Bride-Hunt”:

Attention all ladies! The matrimonial aunties are on their way! If you’re from the subcontinent you would be well aware of those “aunties” who are on a mission to find their “Ideal daughter-in-law”. Let’s take a look at the scene here. The hunting starts with tea parties and neighbourhood weddings when all the gorgeous girls are dressed-up in desi clothes and aunties with their hawk eyesight stalk their potential daughter-in-laws. It is then followed by a tea party hosted by the girl’s parents and it ends with a bunch of broken hearts (mostly of girls) and one satisfied “saasu-maa”!

There is a lot of confusion among the bride-to-be, the groom-to-be and the future mother-in-law. The groom thinks that the girl he is marrying is either Angelina Jolie or Katerina Kaif. The girls think that the guy they are marrying is either Edward Cullen or Fawad Khan (ya, the Humsafar guy). The mother-in-law thinks that the girl has some sort of special super powers to be great in… well, everything!
Reality: Disaster.

Which got me to look up Fawad Khan (a Pakistani actor)

And Katerina Kaif (a British Indian actress):

It’s a big world!

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