Baseball notes

You can’t blame me for yesterday’s debacle. Nor Bobby Valentine. I like the Times headline: “Two late touchdowns lift Yankees in Boston”. ESPN tells me this is the second time in MLB history that a team has led by nine runs, and then lost by six or more. Go Sox!

Dice-K Matsusaka, Red Sox nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

From the vantage point of my hotel treadmill this morning, where I saw it about six times, no way was that a swing on the last pitch of Humber’s perfect game. I don’t think the batter would have been safe at first if he had bothered to run instead of arguing with the umpire, but it would have been awesome if the perfect game was lost on a strikeout with two outs in the ninth. Awesome for collectors of baseball oddities, not for Mr. Humber.

Was I the only one who expected more than 200 ex-Red Sox at Fenway on Friday? I wish I knew what percentage this represents. Did people have to pay their way to Boston? Get their own hotel rooms?

This is the first post I’ve composed on my iPad. The interface isn’t too bad.

2 thoughts on “Baseball notes

  1. Question: would you want to type a story on the iPad? Have you? Or have you used/would you use the external keyboard that Apple suggests/provides/? to type something of story or novel-chapter length?


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