What should Dover Beach’s cover look like?

Dover Beach is a private eye novel set in Boston and England in the aftermath of a limited nuclear war.  (Yeah, I don’t know why I wrote it either.  But it’s good!  Read the review excerpts at the link!)

Here’s the American cover.  The mushroom cloud suggests that it takes place during a nuclear war, maybe.  The man and the woman look appropriately solemn, I guess.  The guy is the private eye, presumably, and the girl is his girl.  I don’t think the cover makes you want to race out and buy the book.

Here is the Japanese cover.  Surprisingly, the Japanese publisher didn’t opt for a mushroom cloud! I don’t know that the cover gives you any sense that the novel takes place after a nuclear war; maybe that’s for the best.  Dover Beach means nothing to Japanese readers, so it has a different title — but I forget what it is.  The private eye is named Walter Sands, and he calls himself the Sandman sometimes, so that explains the signs on the doors.  I have no idea why there are palm trees.

Anyone got any ideas what the ebook cover should look like?

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