Help me make Senator free on Amazon!

Just follow these easy steps.  You owe it to me.  Okay, you don’t owe me nothin’, but I’d certainly appreciate it!

1. Go to Amazon’s Senator sales page by clicking this link.

2. Scroll down to PRODUCT DETAILS and click on tell us about a lower price.

3. On the next screen, click the circle nest to Website (Online).

4. In the box next to URL: paste this link:

5. In the price box enter 0.00.

6. Click Submit Feedback.

7. When the Close Window button appears, click it.

8. Repeat as often as you like, starting with step 2.

Note that Amazon is already discounting the book to 99 cents.  But free would be better.

And even better would be if you could leave a glowing review for the book if you’ve read it (and especially after you’ve downloaded it, because that makes you a “verified purchaser”).


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