Where are all the gay bars in Jordan, and other mysteries of the Middle East

My little post yesterday explaining the Middle East got a lot of views.  Which is odd, because I know nothing about the Middle East.  Like most Americans, my time is spent worrying about Tom Brady’s left knee and Clay Buchholz’s right arm.  Also how to sell my many fine novels.

If you really want to learn about the Middle East, you should get my son to restart the blog he had last year.  Or start a new one where the photos don’t disappear.

Here is the sort of thing I don’t know, and he does:

Son: “The best clubs in Amman are on Rainbow Street.”

Me, making a tiny little joke: “I suppose that’s where the gay bars are.”

Son: “As a matter of fact, that’s right.  They’re not called gay bars, but everyone knows what they are.”

So there you have it.  The gay bars in Jordan are on Rainbow Street in Amman.  Who knew?  Everyone in Amman, apparently.  Here’s a photo of the street.

My son can also tell you about what happens to liquor stores during Ramadan, and the etiquette of letting cab drivers stop for coffee, how people behave when it snows in Amman, and many other interesting facts that you and I don’t know anything about. We just have to get him writing again.

1 thought on “Where are all the gay bars in Jordan, and other mysteries of the Middle East

  1. The Middle East is a region of the world that refuses to embrace logical thought. I think a person has a better chance to figure out Washington DC politics than getting to the bottom of the innermost thinking of the modern Arab.

    I heard of a study that the nation with the highest percentage of gay internet pornography downloads was Pakistan. Who would ever guess that? Not me.


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