Why can’t my little town have better graffiti?

My affluent little town has a street hockey rink near us, and today I noticed that someone had spray-painted this on the boards near the red line:



Plural??  That’s the best our testosterone-addled street-hockey-playing youth can come up with?

Clearly I’m missing something here. At the very least they could spray-paint “Romanus eunt domus.”  Oh wait, Romanus needs to be, what, vocative plural…?

Maybe what this town needs is a chapter of the Judaean People’s Front.  Oh wait, maybe it needs the People’s Front of Judaea . . . .

1 thought on “Why can’t my little town have better graffiti?

  1. Rich, for heaven’s sake, you get what you pay for. Until your little town is willing to underwrite the cost of professional teen graffiti artists, you must just make do with local talent.


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