Images of All Souls Day in Provincetown

Thanks to an invitation from friends, I ended up in Provincetown on November 2 — All Souls Day.  Provincetown was still celebrating Halloween.  I think it likes Halloween! Here’s a zombie/transvestite mannequin:2013-11-02 13.38.23It was a gorgeous day.  Our friends’ house must have some of the most spectacular views in town.  Here is the Pilgrim Monument at sunset as seen from their rooftop deck:2013-11-02 17.32.00And here is the harbor:2013-11-02 17.23.31And the dunes:2013-11-02 17.22.56After dark, things get interesting in Provincetown — too bad my camera isn’t better.  Here are some sailor boys and, er, girls: sailors-ptownHere is a biker/angel of death:biker-ptownOn the opposite side of the religious spectrum, here is a nun in a miniskirt and a pope (maybe) wearing sneakers:nun-in-ptownEveryone was headed to the big Beaux Arts Ball at Town Hall:ptown-hallProvincetown is one of a kind.

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