To check out the Print On Demand version of The Portal, I placed an order for it from Amazon on Saturday, with my two-day Amazon Prime shipping.  It arrived today, Wednesday.  So they were able to print the book  on Sunday (I guess) and ship it to me on Monday.  And it looks great!

I’m going to buy a bunch for my own use direct from the publisher.  I should be able to undercut Amazon’s prices significantly, although I don’t know about two-day shipping.  If you’re interested in buying one from me, let me know in comments or somewhere.  The advantage to buying it directly from me, in addition to the price, is that you can get my autograph in it.  Which is, of course, priceless.

3 thoughts on “POD is PDQ

  1. Hello, I am considering doing print also. I’m very curious about the physical quality of the books. Would you mind either uploading some pics, or describing your assessment of them (binding, centering, paper-quality,,,)? My fear has been that they will look (and feel?) sub-par.



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