Olympic hockey!  USA beats Russia after a, heartstopping shootout.  The players are exhausted, the announcers are exhausted, the viewing audience is exhausted….  A shootout seems like an utterly arbitrary way to determine the outcome of a hockey game, but boy, this one was great.  A few other comments:

  • T. J. Oshie’s Wikipedia page has already been updated.  Way to go, Wikipedia!
  • Can the Nobel Prize for Hockey Announcing be awarded in perpetuity to Doc Emrick?  There’s no one better at anything.  I love the way he described someone as “feathering the puck” to a teammate.  Or his description of a scrum in front of the net after the goalie froze the puck: “And a disagreement ensues.”
  • This wasn’t Emrick, but kudos to NBC for figuring out why the apparent Russian goal was disallowed.  But I wish they had pointed out that it was the American goalie who apparently dislodged the net.  (A Russian teammate of his pointed it out after the game.)  Er, is that legal?  Do we have an international incident on our hands?

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