“The Portal” is now only $1.99 on Amazon!

I know, you’ve been longing to own The Portal, but you just couldn’t come up with the outrageous $4.99 Amazon was charging you for the Kindle edition.  Why, for that price you could almost buy a Starbucks Grande Cappuccino in France!  I sympathize!

But now your prayers have been answered: Amazon has followed Barnes & Noble’s lead and reduced the price of my astonishing alternative history novel to a laughably low $1.99.  That’s half the average price of a Big Mac in the United States!  You heard me right, you can buy two copies of The Portal and avoid the 704 calories you would consume if you bought a Big Mac with the same money!

I like the way Amazon expresses the discount in terms of the retail list price (which nobody pays) of the print version (which almost nobody buys).  You save 88%!  So why are you still just sitting there?  Buy the book!

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