The Nicest Guy Who Ever Lived

. . . is apparently Bobby Orr, whose autobiography, Orr: My Story, I just finished.

(Notice the Saint Louis Blues’ defenseman Noel Picard joining Orr on the cover.  Picard has attained a weird sort of immortaility by tripping Orr as he scored the Stanley Cub-winning goal and subsequently appearing in the corner of this iconic photo.)

Anyway, Orr loves his family, loves every one of his coaches and fellow players, and loves everyone he’s met since retiring at the age of 30.  (He was so good that the Hockey Hall of Fame decided, the heck with our eligibility rules, and elected him to the Hall at the age of 31.)  The only guy he has some difficulty with is Alan Eagleson, his ex-agent, who basically stole all his money and left him near bankruptcy when he retired.  Orr has, of course, forgiven the man, but finds it hard to understand how someone could be that not-nice.

Bobby Orr is so nice that, when his book was published last fall, the Boston Globe felt compelled to publish an exposé of Orr, conclusively demonstrating that he is way nicer than he let’s on — constantly doing secret acts of charity that no one is supposed to talk about.  Geez, talk about role models.

Anyway, here’s The Goal:

If that whets your appetite, here is a highlight reel, with local legends Fred Cusick and Johnny Peirson announcing:

The Stanley Cup playoffs have started, and the Bruins are favored, but it ain’t like the old days.  Helmets sure don’t help, but the game is also more cautious and defensive — you don’t see anything like a Bobby Orr rush anymore.  Probably because there could only be one Bobby Orr.

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