Wanna see my son in a Jordanian sitcom?

“Wait,” you say, “there are sitcoms in Jordan?”

Yes, there are.  This one is called My American Neighbor.  It’s a mild cross-cultural satire: Jordanians misunderstand American customs; Americans misunderstand Jordan.  In this episode, the American guy living in Jordan is getting married to a local girl, and his family arrives from the States.  They show up at around the seven-minute mark.  His kid brother is wearing a Red Sox cap — hey, I recognize that cap!  Later he wears a Celtics jacket, and in another scene he wears a green shirt with the Narragansett “Hi, neighbor!” slogan on it.  I recognize that shirt, too!  Clearly he’s giving off a New England vibe.

Here’s the show:

Anyway, I think James is pretty good (not that he got paid or anything).  The best part of the show, though, is the Mona Lisa print on the wall with duct tape covering her décolletage.

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