Another post about our trip to Jordan.  Petra is Jordan’s main tourist attraction, about an hour south of Wadi Rum.  Here’s the iconic image of the Treasury (probably a burial chamber):


Here’s a closeup of the urn (I think) at the top of the Treasury:


You get there by walking (or riding in a carriage) through a long, narrow passage:


. . . filled with ancient petroglyphs:


You see lots of camels:


And you can ride one for a few dinars.  Here a camel poses for a photo:


It’s a very commercial place.  Little Bedouin boys are constantly trying to sell you cheap bracelets; old ladies sit cross-legged on the ground and try to sell Petra rocks.  And you have stores like this one:


If you’re adventurous you can climb up into the ruins:


There’s more than just ancient Nabatean ruins.  Here are the remains of a Roman amphitheater:


And here’s the floor of an ancient Greek temple:


Go see it — before the world explodes and it’s too late.

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