“Analysts poured over satellite images…”

That’s the sentence I read in this morning’s Boston Globe, reprinting this Washington Post article. Oddly, the online Post article spells the word correctly: pored. Here we can read about the difference.

Did the Post article originally have the same error, and someone subsequently corrected the article on its web site? Or was the article at the Post correct all along? That meant someone at the Globe must have read the phrase, decided that “pored over” couldn’t possibly be correct, and made the change to show that folks in Boston know how to spell.

Either way, sheesh.

Every day Twitter shows us that famous people, including writers, don’t know how to spell. That’s fine. Everyone needs an editor. Where are they at the Globe?

8 thoughts on ““Analysts poured over satellite images…”

  1. It seems to me that the “pored” vs. “poured” synonym is a little bit on the obscure side. I consider myself a decent speller, but I probably wouldn’t have caught the error.


    • The problem with “poured over” is that it starts the reader down the wrong path — like “Analysts poured over seventy-five gallons of top-secret enhancement fluid onto the the satellite images.” “Pore” serves a purpose.


      • Yeah, Rich, but maybe it’s not all bad. According to my sources, the analysts were so excited after the pouring-over of the seventy-five gallons — and, really, doesn’t that have a Biblical ring? “the pouring of the seventy-five gallons”? — anyway, I heard that they ordered up another twenty-five gallons to celebrate the first 75 gallons, and were so inspired by the many gallons that they went back to work, the results being several additional gallons poured and published overnight!

        Or at least, this was how the story was told to me, whilst a lowly office worker at MIT.


  2. I love the picture of all those analysts pouring head first out of a (huge) elegant frost pitcher and tumbling all over those pristine satellite images.


    • Oh, Allysen, that is so MEAN! How do you think the elephant felt when her/his/their lovely frost picture was spoilt by all those — wait. Why do elephants need frost pitchers when they have trunks? And all manner of carry-on devices, I’m sure, given that most elephants spend so much time traveling for the circuses — or perhaps I’m thinking of something else…?

      Upon re-read, I find that your actual reference was to an “elegant” frost pitcher; elephants were not involved at all. Pity.


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