Star images

Slate has a piece by Phil Plait showing the best astronomy images of 2012.  The images are uniformly, unbelievably awe-inspiring and gorgeous.  I want to become an astrophotographer when I grow up.

Here is a Hubble photo of a star-forming factory, about 170,000 light years away from us.

Here’s a photo from NASA/Goddard showing an eruption on the sun:

And here is a NASA photo of the transit of Venus back in June:

Please go take a look at all of them.

Awesome photo of the Venus transit

Insanely awesome, really — it shows Venus transiting the sun along with the Hubble space telescope.  It’s copyrighted, so I won’t reproduce it, just link to it.

This is the from the same guy who got a photo of the International Space Station crossing the sun during a lunar eclipse.

There should be a Nobel Prize for astrophotography, and Legault should win it.