Things are awful on this planet, but there’s always Saturn and its moon

They look really nice in this photo, don’t they?  But probably if we ever get there, things will suck on them, too.  Also, they don’t have Tom Brady and Gronk.

Meanwhile, back on Mars

Our latest header shows a high-resolution view of Mount Sharp on Mars.

Here’s more information. And here’s what’s most interesting about the mountain:

From earlier orbital imagery, the layers appear to contain clays and other hydrated minerals that form in the presence of water, Nasa has said.

Previous missions to Mars have uncovered strong evidence for vast amounts of water flowing over its surface in the past. Curiosity was dispatched to hunt for organic materials and other chemistry considered necessary for life to evolve.

In this picture, the layers above where scientists expect to find hydrated minerals show sharp tilts, offering a strong hint of dramatic changes in Gale Crater, which is located in the planet’s southern hemisphere near its equator.