Images from the Smithsonian Photocontest

I don’t know anything about photography, but there are some images I just can’t stop staring at.  There are lots of those among the finalists for the Smithsonian’s 10th annual photocontest.

Here’s a gorilla photographed at the Bronx Zoo by Vanessa Bartlett:

Here’s a kitchen in an abandoned home, photographed by Cleat Walters:

Go there and vote for your favorite! The current leader is this photo of someone watching a solar eclipse, taken by Colleen Pinski:

Winter Images

Following up on my new year’s resolution to include more photographs in the blog, here are some winter images. First, a Tom Whelan photo of frost crystals:

He says:

[Ice crystals] only form on cold nights, with temps from 5 to 12 degrees F. These were on a leaf in a shallow brook, just an inch or so deep. The black water was a welcome background. I think it looks like a butterfly!

This one, from Michael Leacher, is called “Winter Water”:

Last but least, here is one I call “Some big icicles I saw one time when I was out taking a walk”:


Stay warm!