Danny Boyle, 18 years earlier

In 1994, he was directing this:

His first feature, which won the BAFTA for best film in 1005.  For no particular reason I saw the movie on DVD a few weeks ago.  It features an impossibly young Ewan McGregor and as gruesome a plot as you could imagine.  It was great, in an inhuman sort of way–all the characters turned out to be creeps.  Now he’s directing Queen Elizabeth and her corgis.

The opening of the Olympics was fine, if you like watching overwhelming spectacles on a little TV.  I don’t suppose Danny Boyle could do anything about Matt Lauer and Bob Costas, who were both insufferable–they seemed to be delighted that they had no idea who Tim Berners-Lee was.  The thing had everything under the sun–including, at the climax, a Pink Floyd song that seemed a little inappropriate to me.  But maybe I just don’t get Pink Floyd: