“Replica” is now free in England and Canada!

I seem to have some readers there.

In England, it’s #7 among technothrillers on Amazon.

In Canada, it’s #8.

You still have to pay for it in Australia, alas.

Here’s a nice short review that just appeared on Barnes & Noble:

What a terrific book!  Richard Bowker is one of my new favorite authors!


“Replica” is now free on Kindle!

Not wanting to be left behind, Amazon has now made Replica free for the Kindle.

It is my considered opinion that people like free stuff.  Replica is currently #236 among all free ebooks on Amazon.  It is #4 among Technothrillers, which is how my publisher classifies the novel, although I’d tend to call it a science fiction thriller.  Anyway, grab your copy now before they run out, and please write a customer review when you’ve read the thing.