How do you spell the plural of “you”? Whitey Bulger needs to know

This is from the Fox News transcript of Whitey Bulger’s statement at his trial yesterday:

And my thing is, as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t get a fair trial, and this is a sham, and do what youse want with me. That’s it. That’s my final word.

The Boston Globe‘s online version of the statement also spells the word youse.  But the headline of its print edition this morning spells it yous.  Online, ABC News also spells it yous, while NBC News sanitizes it to you.

I would have spelled it youse.  Or maybe even you’se.  Google Ngram Viewer gives a slight lead to yous lately, but that might be because yous gets credit for thank-yous.  Youse had a big lead in American English from 1900-1940, and you’se had the lead briefly in the 1860s before falling back to third place.

I wonder if the Globe and other newspapers have the word in their style guides  It probably doesn’t come up that often, but it pays to be prepared.  You never know when you’re going to get another Whitey Bulger.