More on Ebook Pricing

I’m now pondering what to charge for Pontiff.  The calculus is a little different from what it was for SummitSummit is available from Amazon for a pittance as a used paperback, so the ebook version has some competition; Pontiff doesn’t have that problem (alas).  So that’s an argument for a higher price for it.

Also, Jeff Carver points me to this article, which suggests that ebook pricing is trending upward, with less price resistance from readers than I would have expected.  The author’s suggested pricing for a book like Pontiff would be about $7.99, which seems awfully high to me.  But one of the benefits of ebooks is that it’s easy to tweak their pricing and see what happens.  You can put a book on sale or even give it away with a few keystrokes.  So that’s the next decision to make….

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