Write a review! Tag a tag!

Help a struggling artist!

If you have read Summit, want to consider reviewing it on Amazon (here) or Barnes & Noble (here)?  (Or both.)  You don’t have to have read the ebook version.  You don’t have to have bought the book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  If you want to give it four or five stars, that would be great.  If you want to give it fewer than three stars, well, let’s talk — I promise to do better next time!  The more detailed the review (in my opinion), the better.  Amazon requires at least 20 words — they want something more than a few adjectives and exclamation points, apparently.

Another thing you can do is add customer tags — on Amazon, in the area labeled “Tags Customers Associate with This Product.”  If you like the tags that are already in place for Summit, you can check the boxes next to them.  Or you can add your own.  The idea (I’m told) is that the more votes a book gets for a particular tag (say, “psychic” and “thriller), the more likely it will show up in listings for that tag.

That tag area is just below the “More About the Author” area, which will take you to the Richard Bowker author page on Amazon.  I’m still working on setting that up.  You can go to that author page directly by clicking here. This page in turn (I just noticed) links to a shopping-enabled version of my bio on Wikipedia (I really should fix the errors on that page).  Isn’t the Internet wonderful?

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