Pontiff available for $0.99 on Amazon!

Here.  The price has already been sliced at Barnes & Noble.  Buy now — you may never see prices this low again!  You could get yourself the Kindle edition of Knocking on Heaven’s Door, but it would set you back $14.99.  Why in the world would you do that?  You could buy War and Peace for $0.99, but you’ve already read War and Peace.  Why would you want to read it again?  Logic demands that you buy Pontiff.

I’m just sayin’.

4 thoughts on “Pontiff available for $0.99 on Amazon!

  1. So do you know ahead of time when your books will go on sale? You know it annoys me that I paid full price. I think I have a copy of Senator up stairs gathering serious dust.


    • Yeah, you don’t prevent it by forcing customers to pay higher prices for ebooks. If Apple sucks, then that opens up an opportunity for someone else. If Barnes & Noble can figure out a business model that works with print books, ebooks, and a proprietary reading device, then that’s too bad for them.


      • (Even though this is under the wrong topic.) If BN blows it, it’s too bad for them *and* for us. Maybe all that Microsoft money will help them; I hope so.

        This is really just the Walmart question all over again. Everyone likes lower prices, but it kills smaller, competing businesses. (Which, of course, BN themselves did to smaller stores, a few years ago.) At what point does it become bad for society to have the mega-stores crushing all their competition? I’m sure there is such a point, though I don’t know exactly where it is.


    • Book sales are timed to maximize your annoyance. Don’t read that dusty copy of Senator–it’ll just make you sneeze. Buy a brand-new hypoallergenic electronic copy–but you better do it fast, because you never know when the price will go up.


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