Dover Beach and The Distance Beacons ebooks now available!

These two novels have arrived at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  They’ll show up at other sites, like iBooks, shortly. Dover Beach is available for the minuscule price of $2.99, and The Distance Beacons for the only slightly less minuscule price of $3.99.

Here are the links for Dover Beach on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  And here is the cover, designed by Jim McManus:


A description of Dover Beach, along with its first chapter, is here.  Previous posts that talk about Dover Beach are here and here.

Its sequel, The Distance Beacons, is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Here is its great Jim McManus cover:

Learn more about The Distance Beacons here.

I’ll have more to say about these novels, now that I’ve finally managed to get their ebooks out the door.

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