Images of brains and New Mexico

For reasons that are too complicated to go into I found myself at the University of New Mexico a couple of days ago. Go Lobos!  Specifically, I spent an interesting morning at this place:2013-10-25 11.52.02Here’s a friend undergoing magnetoencephalography (just for fun):2013-10-25 12.28.18And here’s the brain of another friend undergoing a functional MRI (again, just for fun — we have an odd idea of fun):2013-10-25 12.50.00But enough of the brain stuff!  Here we are in funky Madrid, New Mexico (accent on the first syllable), on the scenic route between Albuquerque and Santa Fe:2013-10-26 11.30.12They sell lots of interesting stuff in Madrid!2013-10-26 11.20.39From there we made our way to Santa Fe Plaza, with all the tourists:2013-10-26 14.53.03And here is the courtyard of the lovely New Mexico Museum of Art:2013-10-26 14.59.19Finally, here’s a photo of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting from the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. Isn’t it gorgeous?2013-10-26 15.55.57

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