A very regretful comment

Here we see Houston Texans’ owner Bob McNair apologizing for his “regretful” comment about the inmates running the prison when they kneel during the national anthem:

He is, of course, regretful; his comment is regrettable. So, not only is he a rich jerk; he also doesn’t know correct usage. (I’m also not thrilled about his use of “impact” as a verb, and he needs a comma before “which”.) Also, you kids need to get off my lawn.

4 thoughts on “A very regretful comment

  1. Perhaps. These sorts of statements are typically written by professional PR people, aren’t they? They oughta know the difference between “which” and “that”. Also, DeShaun Watson is the real thing.


  2. The INMATES?
    Running the PRISON?
    THIS is how he talks about his EMPLOYEES?
    Tonstant Reader, here, fears she is about to — Oh, Ms. Parker! Darling, Dramamine is exactly what I need! Thanks ever-so!
    These new people ….


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