Dickens’ Dream

It’s his 206th birthday, so:

Here’s some information about the painting.

I read all of Dickens’s novels when I was in college and wrote my undergraduate thesis on them. I’ve only reread a couple of them since then, but the time may be coming to dip into them again. There was no one like him.

3 thoughts on “Dickens’ Dream

  1. When I was in college I had to take an English class. “English for engineers” we didn’t want to be there nor did the TA. we had to read “Crime and Punishment” my crime was that I was an engineer. Punishment reading Crime and Punishment.


  2. I loved Dickens. Started reading him in high school, for fun. I must have been an odd child.

    My own children wept with horror when they had to read Dickens, until I began to read him aloud. With pauses for words they didn’t know. They said the experience was entirely different, much more interesting and comprehensible. It reduced the anguish… but didn’t convert them.


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