Even more busts of Roman emperors (and others)

For some reason one of my most popular posts was about busts of Roman emperors at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. Turns out the place that has even more busts of Roman emperors is Italy — specifically, the Uffizi in Florence. Here are a few.

Here’s Claudius, not looking very happy:

2018-05-30 13.03.47

Here’s Domitian, who was awful:

2018-05-30 13.32.14.jpg

Here’s Marcus Aurelius, who wasn’t awful:

2018-05-30 13.36.51

Here’s Caligula. Does he look like he’s insane?

2018-05-30 13.03.27

Here’s Tiberius, who was a perv:

2018-05-30 12.59.16

Here’s Julius Caesar, who wasn’t an emperor, but c’mon, this is a pretty interesting bust. I wouldn’t want to mess with this guy:

2018-05-30 13.01.11

And Cicero, who also wasn’t an emperor:

2018-05-30 13.00.35

I don’t know how lifelike these busts are, of course, but they sure seem lifelike. These are real people, staring out at us across 2000 years of history.

Who doesn’t like busts of Roman emperors from the Museum of Fine Arts?

As a pre-Father’s Day treat I went to Buston’s Museum of Fine Arts with my son (the good one, not the other one).  I took lots of random photos.  Here are three photos of Roman emperors, in descending order of greatness. Plus a goddess.

This is a well-known bust of Augustus as a young man (it’s an idealized likeness from after his death):

2013-06-15 12.51.32

And here’s a somewhat placid-looking Hadrian:

2013-06-15 12.56.00

And here is the loser emperor Balbinus, who managed to rule as co-emperor for three whole months before the Praetorian Guard offed him (238 AD was not a great year to be a Roman emperor):

2013-06-15 12.58.19

As a special bonus image, here is a statue of the goddess Juno, which I am told is the largest Classical marble statue in North America.  I should have my good kid stand in front of her to show you her size.

2013-06-15 12.45.07