New covers for Pontiff, Summit? Opinions solicited.

One of the advantages of ebooks over printed books is that, if you don’t like your cover, or think it isn’t working, you can switch to a new one pretty easily.  We’re pondering making a change for Pontiff and Summit.  You can see the originals at the links.  Here’s the proposal for Pontiff:


The idea is still to suggest religion and murder, but maybe with a cleaner look.  I’m not sure I like the bleeding rosary, though.

And here’s the alternative for Summit:


Here the designer has dropped the hammer and sickle, which she claims looks dated, and added the Kremlin clock tower to suggest the Soviet Union.  Again, the design is brighter than the original, I think.  Is that good?

6 thoughts on “New covers for Pontiff, Summit? Opinions solicited.

  1. I like both the new ones better. Though I’m with you on the bleeding rosary. Other than that, I think these are both improvements.


    • Hmm. I actually prefer the older ePontiff, but if you use the new one: are those supposed to be the pope’s hands? If so, shouldn’t they be darker? Of course, if they’re the bad guy’s hands, that’s a whole ‘nother thing. ‘Nother other thing: I didn’t realize that was blood dripping until you said so. At thumbnail size, I’d be surprised if it’s visible as anything but a dark chain dripping between the fingers.


      • Yeah, that occurred to me. I don’t think the cover is supposed to represent the actual events in the book, just its overall themes. The current cover has some images that suggest the papacy, which is good. But it doesn’t quite jump off the page at you.


      • Oops, meant to comment on Summit, too. To me, the problem with the Kremlin clock tower is that it isn’t particularly recognizable, at least to me (“Union Station, somewhere?”). If you want bright, maybe use the red cover’s design (with the hammer-and-sickle, because what you’ve got now is an historical novel of breath-taking danger and romance, set against the ultimate high stakes of the Cold War). Just strip off the red background, make it eye-blazingly white, add an American flag (rampant, of course!) somewhere in that new white background, and then add the romantic pianist! At the piano! Playing romantically! Now we can see at a glance that this girl has a lot on her psychic mind! (Sigh: this is why nobody will let me design their covers, but they’d be really cool!)


  2. Since you’re asking for comments, I will offer my thoughts, please know that I have no idea what either book is about.

    What if you removed the blood from the Rosary and added a bloody dagger/knife in the ladies hands instead?

    On the second cover, I agree with the others that the clock of the Kremlin doesn’t move me at all. What if the model was wearing a Russian military fur hat or something that gave the effect she was Russian. Unless she is the American character, then have the Russian flag with her wearing an American item.

    I hope you appreciate the comments and if you have time, I would love some feedback on my book cover that is on my blog.



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