From “Portal” to “The Portal” to PORTAL

Got that?

I originally named my novel “Portal”, but my publisher thought that one-word titles weren’t commercial, so they talked me into “The Portal”.  But now that its sequel TERRA has debuted, we have decided to use “The Portal” as the name for the entire series.  At the same time we changed the novel’s title to single-word upper-case PORTAL; it’s also now Book 1 in The Portal Series.

I’m sure sales will skyrocket.

Also, the new cover, featuring the new name, has made its debut on Amazon, although the softcover version still features the old cover.  That will change before long.

Cover for my new novel

. . . which is called Terra, you will recall.  Subject to further fiddling.  Comments are welcome.  You will notice that we’re looking for a parallel universe vibe here.  What is that ray gun doing against the backdrop of a bas-relief from ancient Rome?  Guess you’ll have to read the novel to find out.

Terra cover

New covers for Pontiff, Summit? Opinions solicited.

One of the advantages of ebooks over printed books is that, if you don’t like your cover, or think it isn’t working, you can switch to a new one pretty easily.  We’re pondering making a change for Pontiff and Summit.  You can see the originals at the links.  Here’s the proposal for Pontiff:


The idea is still to suggest religion and murder, but maybe with a cleaner look.  I’m not sure I like the bleeding rosary, though.

And here’s the alternative for Summit:


Here the designer has dropped the hammer and sickle, which she claims looks dated, and added the Kremlin clock tower to suggest the Soviet Union.  Again, the design is brighter than the original, I think.  Is that good?