Now where was I?

I had a great couple of weeks away from my novel.  Real life is great!  But now what?  What are these characters supposed to be doing?  Wasn’t there some plot point I wanted to add right around here?  Didn’t I note that down somewhere?  I have this other note, but what does it mean?

I came across a good piece of writing advice once from Graham Greene (I think).  Don’t stop writing when you reach a difficult part; stop when you reach an easy part.  That makes it easier for you get rolling the next time you sit down to write.  Why don’t I pay more attention to Graham Greene?

Actually, even the easy stuff seems difficult after a couple of weeks.  Surfing the Internet certainly seems like a more attractive option than rewriting that sentence.  And I really ought to recheck my email — it’s possible someone has written me in the past five minutes.

OK, let’s try again.  Blogging is just one more excuse.

3 thoughts on “Now where was I?

  1. I love the advice for stopping when you reach an easy part. It’s so true. It makes it way more fun when you sit down again to write. I think when I first heard that it was from Jon Acuff, who probably got it from Graham Greene. Anyway, have a great day!


  2. As a freelancer and writer I can understand this very much.This comment of Graham Greene(may be) explains the difficulty of continuity in writing. Nobody can understand it unless you are a writer.


    • … Drat, drat, drat: where DID I leave that darn plot complication?…. Skittery little devils … maybe I could get one of those subcutaneous electronic-y things they use for lost pets…. And it was my BEST idea EVER… (exits mumbling)


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