Dover Beach goes live on BookBub!

My novel Dover Beach is now featured on the BookBub website, and it’s in the email BookBub sent out to 400,000 science fiction readers.  The book is on sale for the ridiculously low price of $0.99.   Here’s where I discuss the economics of a BookBub promotion.  (If you want to buy the book, click the link on the BookBub page — they’ll get some revenue, and if they get enough click-through sales, this may help convince them to feature another one of my books.)


My publisher came up with this blurb for the book–there is presumably a word limit:

A Philip K. Dick Award finalist set in a harrowing world devastated by war: Believing himself a clone, Dr. Charles Winfield enlists the help of Wally Sands to expose a top-secret government project. But in his pursuit of answers, Wally uncovers truths about himself — and crosses paths with a killer…

This manages to get two or three things wrong, but whatever; I probably couldn’t have done any better.  Here’s a customer review, titled “A Different but Wonderful Private Eye Story”, that does a better job of capturing what the book is about:

Walter is a quirky private eye like none you’ve ever experienced! The poor fellow stumbles into one disaster after another, making you laugh, cringe, and pity the lovable, determined character. By the way, Walter is a survivor of the downfall of America so he’s familiar with overcoming challenges. As the story unfolds, tidbits are revealed toward understanding what happened. To assist Walter is an eclectic and interesting collection of friends who assist him along the way. They will become like friends to you also. This book has twists and turns, great wit and humor, and very colorful characters. I loved book so much that I ordered the next novel in the series (A Distance Beacon) right away. Great job!

This reviewer gets everything right, except the name of the sequel.  But it’s close!

By the way, there has never been a better time to get one of my books. Senator is also available for $0.99, and The Portal continues to be free.  Here’s a recent five-star review of The Portal, titled “A Lot of Heart”:

I thought at first this was going to be another YA gimmicky novel with kids complaining about their lives and using the device of dimension travel just to come up with random quirky things, but this book is much more than that. You really get to know and care about the characters, and things move along quite well and not predictably. The really surprising part is the life lessons learned by the characters – they really leave you with something more than just a fun little read. Glad I read it!

5 thoughts on “Dover Beach goes live on BookBub!

    • Both Amazon Canada and Kobo Canada are now working with the right price. (Amazon will charge you $1.06 Canadian, which I guess is the equivalent of $0.99 US. My publisher is contacting B&N. Sorry!



      • Thanks for looking into it. I saw it early this morning on and grabbed it. I figured that it was a glitch, and annoying one, but just a glitch in the end.

        Rick Grant International Media and Strategic Communications Calgary Canada

        On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 7:55 PM, richard bowker wrote:

        > Richard Bowker commented: “Both Amazon Canada and Kobo Canada are now > working with the right price. (Amazon will charge you $1.06 Canadian, which > I guess is the equivalent of $0.99 US. My publisher is contacting B&N. > Sorry! –Rich”


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