People sure do like free ebooks

I sold maybe two copies of my novel Replica in July, while charging a measly $4.99.  We dropped the price to $0.00 a couple of days ago.  The result?  800 downloads on Amazon (I don’t have any data on Barnes & Noble).

I don’t have any great insight to offer.  People like free stuff.  I just hope that some of those 800 folks read the book, like it, and leave me a nice review.  And, maybe, buy one of my other fine novels.

8 thoughts on “People sure do like free ebooks

  1. Well, hopefully it will lead to a lot of great exposure. The more popular you become, the more people will be willing to pay for your work. I am still an unknown author, so I’m thinking about self publishing my first book and give it away for free just to get my name out there.


    • Thanks, Kendi. Good luck! One idea: Start by charging for your book, then cut the price and offer it for free, so that it looks like it’s on sale. That’s actually the only way you can get it to be free on Amazon. Amazon won’t let you set a price of “free” directly; but it will match a free price on Barnes & Noble.


  2. FWIW, I got Dover Beach free some time ago on my Nook. Read it last week. Soon as it was done I bought The Distance Beacons – and wished there were more in the series… I suspect I’ll be working my way through the rest of your books too.


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