We’re on Google Play! And Scribd!

When Google started selling books, their site was a bit of a mess, and my publisher stayed away. Now things look much better, and my publisher is onboard. You can see my books here, along with all the other stuff that comes along when you search for my name. The one weirdness is that their list prices are much higher than you see on other sites, but the prices are discounted so that they end up around those standard prices.

My publisher is also onboard with Scribd, the book subscription service that competes with Kindle Unlimited.  The idea, as we’ve discussed before, is to be a Netflix for books. For $8.99 a month, you can download as many books as you like from their catalog. They have fewer books than Kindle Unlimited, but they’re better quality.  From the author’s perspective, they pay better royalties than Kindle Unlimited and, most important, they don’t demand exclusivity.

Finally, their interace is really nice.  Here’s Scribd’s page for The Portal:


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