The fluffy bunnies are here to get their revenge

My friend Craig Shaw Gardner has ever-so-slowly been releasing his funny fantasy novels as ebooks.  His Cineverse Cycle has finally arrived, and that’s a good thing for humanity.  Here’s the overall plot summary, such as it is:

Roger Gordon’s life was dull until a Captain Crusader Decoder Ring unlocked a door to the world of B-movies. Now his life is filled with adventure as he frolics through the silver screen’s weirdest westerns, thrillers, and romances.

The three books are Slaves of the Volcano God, Bride of the Slime Monsterand Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies.  I have previously expressed my opinion that Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies is the best book title in the history of Western Civilization.  I stand by this opinion. Here’s its cover:

So why are you just sitting there like a doofus reading my stupid blog?  Go enter the Cineverse!

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