Second draft: Did I write THAT?

The one downside of working on a second draft is that you’re sort of obliged to read your first draft.  My first draft is always better in recollection than on the page.  Now that I know where I’m going, I see that I’ve gotten pretty much everything wrong on the page.  I’m now about 7000 words into my rewrite, and probably 5000 of those words are new.  That’s pretty depressing.

On the other hand, those new words are great!

At least, they will be until I have to re-read them.

2 thoughts on “Second draft: Did I write THAT?

  1. I know exactly how you feel. It can be terribly depressing to throw away all those words, and to see all those errors, yet it’s also liberating to know that you’re getting better. That as a writer, you’re improving all the time. It’s a massive pain, yet in the end, it’ll be worth it’s weight in gold.


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