Third draft

I’ve begun the third draft of my novel, which so far has mainly involved fiddling with the second draft.  I love fiddling!  This means that I’m pretty close to where I want to end up, and I just need to make everything better — add details, .

There’s just one problem: this novel is the sequel to  my novel The Portal, and it presumes that there will be a Book 3.  If there isn’t, people will find the ending pretty darn unsatisfying.  But I haven’t exactly plotted out Book 3 yet.  Hey, I’ve been busy!  So I’m worried that the action and characters of this unwritten book will require even more fiddling with Book 2.

So it looks like I need to do some plotting before I finish my novel.  Luckily, I like plotting almost as much as I like fiddling.

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