Boxed sets

I’m pondering creating a “boxed set” of the ebooks for The Last P.I. series; it would sell for less than the three books sold individually.The mechanism is fairly straightforward; the only real extra work (and expense) is to create a new cover. There’s lots of this going on nowadays. My publisher says that it would make the series more attractive to Bookbub, which is the main advertising channel for ebooks nowadays. One more way to get the word out.

Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Boxed sets

  1. Do it. Definitely. And then you can wade into the question of whether it’s a “boxed set” which is how I tend to think of it) or “box set” (which is what most of the rest of the world calls it). Or you could really date yourself, as I did with Dragon Space, by calling it an “omnibus” (which apparently no one uses anymore).


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