A photo of a statue and a painting of a girl looking at the statue

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has a cute effect in one of its galleries.  On one of the walls is a realistic painting of people gazing at the paintings and statuary in that very gallery.  In the painting you see a girl looking at a statue, with the statue itself standing just a few feet away from the painting.  Here’s a photo of the statue and, in the background, the painting of the girl looking at the statue:

2013-06-15 11.47.52

Winter Images

Following up on my new year’s resolution to include more photographs in the blog, here are some winter images. First, a Tom Whelan photo of frost crystals:

He says:

[Ice crystals] only form on cold nights, with temps from 5 to 12 degrees F. These were on a leaf in a shallow brook, just an inch or so deep. The black water was a welcome background. I think it looks like a butterfly!

This one, from Michael Leacher, is called “Winter Water”:

Last but least, here is one I call “Some big icicles I saw one time when I was out taking a walk”:


Stay warm!

Star images

Slate has a piece by Phil Plait showing the best astronomy images of 2012.  The images are uniformly, unbelievably awe-inspiring and gorgeous.  I want to become an astrophotographer when I grow up.

Here is a Hubble photo of a star-forming factory, about 170,000 light years away from us.

Here’s a photo from NASA/Goddard showing an eruption on the sun:

And here is a NASA photo of the transit of Venus back in June:

Please go take a look at all of them.

Images 2

Here‘s another annoyingly talented photographer (and WordPress blogger) I work with.  (See yesterday’s post for some photos from the first guy.)  Here is a stunning image of foxtails:

And here is a haunting view of some foggy trees:

Finally, a little cascade at a brook:

You’ll notice that these photos are all copyrighted, so Mr. Whelan is probably going to come after me for reproducing them.  Oh, well.  In the meantime, the least you can do is visit his blog.


Following up on my resolution to add more pictures to this stupid blog, I’m going to steal a couple from the guy who sits next to me at work.  (There are a lot of very annoyingly talented people where I work.)  This photo is called Shadowscape:

And here’s one called Winter Water.

He also takes creepy photographs with weird filters and such, if you’re into that sort of thing.  Check them out at the link!  His site is in my blogroll, under “Images to Turn the Mind”, so it’s always available for your viewing pleasure.